Strategy Analyst

Job description


Given the far-reaching transformation of energy markets in Europe and the intense competition in Belgium, strategy and transformation are at the core of EDF Luminus’ business and essential for its future development.

By essence, the function is operating in a fully transverse mode across EDF Luminus. The job consists in supporting Divisions in their transformation, the definition of their strategy and of their 4-year financial plan. It is playing a key role for identifying business opportunities and creating future levers of growth. The Strategy Analyst is daily supporting the Strategy & Transformation Manager and actively contributing to:

  •  The development of an innovative and future-oriented strategy for EDF Luminus, shared with all its Divisions and in line with EDF Group's CAP 2030 strategy;
  • The delivery in time and quality of the 4-year plan of EDF Luminus ("Mid-Term-Planning exercise") to the EDF Group and to the Board, in co-lead with Finance;
  • The management of the Transformation Plan of EDF Luminus, in order to translate the strategy into specific Transformation initiatives, monitor progress of implementation and escalate potential issues for the Executive Committee (EXCOM) arbitrage;



Given its transversal dimension, the job requires a 360° view on the business and is exposed to the complexity of an integrated energy utility like EDF Luminus, operating in 3 different political and regulatory environments linked to its presence in all Belgian regions.


It requires a strong capacity to challenge Divisions while building trust with internal stakeholders. It is thus daily exposed to top management level and relies on close interactions with it.


1. The Strategy Analyst is actively contributing to the definition of EDF Luminus’ strategy in the mid- and longer terms:



  • Identifying and monitoring the relevant trends in the energy sector, the regulatory environment, the technology evolutions and in the customer behiavours;
  • Benchmarking and providing insights into the strategy of current and future competitors. Main deliverables include a detailed “transverse competition and market trend” report, presented to EXCOM every year.
  • Defining the strategic positioning of EDF Luminus for key business development and lobbying purposes, in coordination with the other Divisions


2. He/She steers and contributes to the benchmarking and monitoring of competition


  • Contributing to the Project Management of the “Competition Shadow Cabinet”, which is the internal network of experts monitoring specific competitors;
  • One of the key deliverables of this team is the “competitor scan”, updated throughout the year and presented to the top management in June in order to support decision-making for business development and the MTP exercise


3. The Strategy Analyst is contributing to the delivery in time and quality of the 4-year plan of EDF Luminus (in co-lead with Finance)



  • Ensuring the appropriate translation of EDF Luminus’ strategy into the MTP plan;
  • Facilitating the project management of the MTP exercise throughout the entire company with a dedicated core team;
  • Contributing to the redaction of the final MTP presentation to be delivered to the shareholders.
  • Throughout the year, contributing to the “Faits Marquants” for each quarterly Board Member meeting, to allow shareholders to have an update on actuals vs budget and key insights on what has happened within EDF Luminus


4. He/She plays a key role in steering Transformation throughout the company



  • Supporting the translating of the strategy into a Transformation Plan with concrete initiatives, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), clear milestones and smart deliverables;
  • Ensuring the Project Management Office (PMO) of the Transformation Plan
  • Building an agile monitoring tool to follow-up on the planned delivery, challenge the divisions on their transformation roadmap and their adherence to the bespoken plan;
  • Monitoring the advancement of each Transformation initiative through quarterly reviews with the respective Initiative Owners, which is then presented to the EXCOM.


  • Strong analytical skills
  • Adequate financial competences to develop and run financial models and business plans
  • Outstanding project management skills. The position involves the project management of multiple and large project teams (for example the Transformation Plan involves 13 initiatives throughout EDF Luminus; the project management of the MTP exercise involves all business units with over 20 people in the core team). Daily job also involves managing ad-hoc transverse teams for defining business positions.
  • Ability to cooperate and negotiate with internal stakeholders
  • Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills to be able to prepare material for the EXCOM and Board meetings
  • Ability to work in team
  • Ability to work with tight deadlines, in a fast-pace environment and operate with multi-cultural teams
  • Fluent in English, French and/or Dutch

The position requires:

  • University Diploma of Master level (engineering or economy/MBA)
  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience (management consulting, energy & utility sector)
  • Deep understanding of the different aspects of the energy business and markets (Production, Retail, Optimisation and Trading, Regulatory, etc.). Previous experience in Retail is a plus
  • Relevant experience in strategy- development and processes